Reviews of Club Meetings and Outings

12th and 26th October Meetings 2016

Our last two meetings gave us further insights into our photography. Many thanks for a visit from professional Mark Walker who brought in studio gear and a model. And then we had an evening shooting water – drops falling, apples plunging and “wine” gushing into and out of a wine glass, all using various lighting and careful timing to catch the best effects

September 28th 2016

Our first meeting of this season was well attended and we had three new members. Bob, our chairman, welcomed everyone and gave us a runthrough of this year’s programme. This was followed by members’ memory sticks with photos taken this summer, with commentaries from the individuals concerned. On October 12th we have a visit from photographer Mark Walker who will be demonstrating the art of portraiture, and on October 26th we have a workshop evening photographing all forms of water movement.

First Meeting New Session 2016

Next Wednesday, September 28th, we’re back after our summer break. As it’s our first meeting of this session, after the “Welcome back” we are asking for up to 20 pictures from your summer of photography on a memory stick for a sharing evening. Tea and a nice selection of biscuits will be on offer as always, emphasising that we are not only a camera club but a very sociable group too. It all kicks off at 7:30 in the Methodist Hall, Ponsmere Road

Wednesday 11th November 2015

At our last meeting Gary gave a talk on “Critique” – a discussion of the good and bad points to look for in photographs, the qualities also that judges are looking for in competitions. He started with a Powerpoint presentation listing the points with many examples. After tea he showed several sample photographs and threw the discussion open to the audience as to whether we considered them good, bad or indifferent, and why. It became clear that photography, as with all arts, is a very personal experience.

The next meeting on the 25th November is a workshop on portraiture.

Wednesday 24th October 2015

Gary wasn’t available this evening, with his talk on critique, so Robert kindly filled the gap with his presentation called “Exposure”. In a very enlightening set of descriptions he told us about the three factors governing exposure, namely Shutter Speed (the time the shutter is open), aperture (the size of the hole in the lens), and ISO (the sensitivity of the digital sensor). He explained the pros and cons of each of these ways of adjusting exposure, and how they affect the various types of scene.

His talk was followed by an appraisal of photographs brought in for the evening’s competition. This happens on the second Wednesday of the month when members submit A4 prints on the themes for the evening. The themes this time were Summer and Atmosphere, won by Jackie with a stunning close up of a sweet pea flower.

Next meeting is on Wednesday 28th October at the Methodist Hall in Ponsmere Road (7:30 pm) when Karen and Kath will be making it small with Macro. This is a workshop evening so bring camera and tripod, and if you have any minute specimens that people can “blow up”, bring those too.

As usual, all are welcome so come and give us a try! Its only £2 for the evening (including tea and biscuits), and if you decide to join it’s another £5 for the year.

AGM June 2015

Club AGMs are not noted for being particulary exciting events to attend but the club do try to ensure that everyone gets a say and that we don't get bogged down in details. So this June's meeting was well attended.

Once the formal beginning was out of the way Chairman Bob informed us all that he'd like to stand down. Bob started the club and most meetings are taken by him. He felt that it was time for him to pass that duty on to someone else. Fortunately for the club he had an idea that was accepted. He would remain as Chairman of the club but that meetings would be taken on by various members throughout the year. The role of Chairman would thus only really be called upon at the AGM and any committee meeting. And we are not the kind of club to have many of those.

Subjects for the coming years meetings were discussed and who could take them. These ideas will be formalised at a committee meeting on 1st July. The group did approve of reinstating the yearly membership fee of £5 with meeting charges of £2. This was to help cover the cost of purchasing a new projector as the old one though working perfectly just doesn't cut the grade any more. The implimentation of a website was also suggested, and of course you are now seeing the results of that.

29th March 2015

Last Wednesday was a workshop. Various tableaux and demonstrations were set up using water in several ways so that we could use our cameras to record the different effects.

Our next meeting is on April 8th. Roy Morton is our speaker that evening, talking on underground photography. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, 7:30 to 9:30, at the Methodist Hall, Ponsmere Road, for talks and indoor workshops. Refreshments are served half way through the evening. As summer approaches with, hopefully, some nice weather, we have outdoor workshops, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery of Cornwall. Hence, on April 22nd, the club meets for an evening of taking pictures in and around Newquay Harbour.

15th February 2015

We are now well under way post Christmas. Recent events have included a visit from West Briton photographer Geoff Hichens with a show of his 2014 works from local rugby to Tuscany. We also had a light painting workshop using time exposures which included some rather alarming uses of burning wire wool. Luckily the weather was fine and we were outside, so the fire brigade weren’t required.

2nd November 2014

Our new season is now well under way, and our last meeting was full of ghouls and ghosts, and a flashing pumpkin, for us to photograph (well it was Halloween!).

We have decided this year to change the day of our meetings, so we now meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, still from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at the Methodist Hall in Ponsmere Road. On the 12th November we have talks on HDR (high dynamic range) photography, and photo editing.

29th September 2014

The club is back, up and running for the new season with our usual mix of talks, competitions, workshops and outside projects, all in a light hearted vein with a very friendly membership. Next Monday (13th) is our AGM to which all are welcome and where we try and get lots of ideas together for the forthcoming programme. Its not too formal so don’t expect a quiet evening. Come along with your ideas. As usual refreshments will be served.

3rd May 2014

At recent meetings we were entertained by Ann and Alan with slides and a talk about the Isles of Scilly. Not only did we see beautiful pictures of the islands and their flora and fauna, but there was a lot of background information too. Particularly nostalgic were pictures of the helicopter service with several aerial views of the Penzance area and the islands.

Then last week a group of us were given exclusive access to Truro Cathedral. It was a real pleasure to be able to photograph such a beautiful interior. This was followed by coffee at a local hostelry where we could discuss our visit. Coming up on the 12th May is a series of mini talks by members of our committee about the equipment they use along with its pros and cons. The club normally meets on the second and forth Mondays of the month at the Methodist Hall in Ponsmere Road from 7:30 pm till 9:30 pm with tea and biscuits about half way through, and all are welcome. There is no meeting on the 26th May bank holiday. However, over the next few weeks as we approach our summer break, we will be on outside workshops taking photographs at Wheal Peevor, the Classic Air Force museum and at Trevaunance Cove St Agnes.